Life lessons from ‘That’s So Raven’: Find balance and don’t mess with the future.

A Curious Future

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What do you do when the age-old duel between the heart and the mind rears its ugly head? One thing that I often find hard to reconcile is the notion that there is a difference between what I think I should do (head), versus what I actually want to do (heart). This is a part of the decision-making process which haunts us each time we face a big life commitment. Take, for instance, when the time come to choose a degree subject or major – do we go with the type of subjects that we perform well in, or do we choose something we think we might enjoy? Fortunately for some, both of these options are one and the same, but others may require a bit more inspiration and convincing.

Another anxiety-inducing aspect of this conflict presents itself in the form of thoughts that kindly shake you free…

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