Beware! Mind-blocks, breakdowns and determining your path

I think the time has come for me to join the life club. After years of feeling comfortable in the knowledge that the pressures of adult life seem far away, I was hit with the realty that ‘grown up’ duties are not so distant as I thought. Over the past two years, and more intensely in recent months, I have been trying to prepare myself for adulthood and its obligations as  best as possible by working, studying, doing internships, moving out, managing to pay rent, bills, etc. However for some reason, I was still unable to avoid the mini-breakdown  which ensued just yesterday afternoon, and I could not help feeling that there seems nothing to look forward to. I couldn’t help but question whether all this effort, ambition and dreaming would be worth it in the long run, or whether at some point I might just have to sacrifice said ambitions in order to meet the necessities of post-university life. For some reason, the transition does not seem so smooth.

Oftentimes, this feeling can be difficult to shake and when left to fester, could result in over-thinking, feeling overwhelmed and ultimately, experiencing a mind-block. On this occasion, however, my internal optimist decided to present itself just in time and remind me that this lack of motivation and discouragement should not – and will not – last for much longer.

Why did this happen?

Honestly, I believe it has something to do with knowing and accepting the things that I am motivated by. In that moment of feeling lost, overwhelmed and a bit hopeless, I felt angry at the idea that my ambitions could not be achieved. I felt resentment towards whatever it was that made me feel as though I had to rely on someone or something else to determine my destiny. I kept wondering if all this work I had put into trying to creating my own path would be in vain.

And then I realised that it did not have to be.

I think that if there has ever been a time to determine your own life path, it has to be now. There are so many platforms of expression and creation both online and in real life which can allow us to explore the multiple facets of our personality and turn them into our main jobs and/ or side hustle. Life does not have to be monotonous, it does not have to be a chore. Irrespective of one’s job or income, I believe that a self-determined career and life is possible. Opportunities abound, and while it can feel as though you are being pulled in several different directions, taking a step back and remembering what motivates you in life can help.


Calling all aspiring artists and creatives!

A Curious Future


How’s it going?

DSC_0346 “This notion of knowing who you are, knowing where you stand, knowing what you think is right, knowing how to fight for what you think is right, knowing how to be centered, and knowing where your mental core is, will be the thrust of all I ever write to you” – pp.134.

Im currently reading  ‘Letters To A Young Artist’ by Anna Deavere Smith. Packed with invaluable personal insights and wisdom, this book is almost like a bible for those working towards a career in the creative fields or unlocking their artistic potential. I say that not to mean it in a religious sense, but because each section or ‘letter’ takes up an average or three or four pages, each with a reference point at the contents, making it easy to refer to the exact sage words to are looking for. Reading through, ADS presents her varied…

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Life lessons from ‘That’s So Raven’: Find balance and don’t mess with the future.

A Curious Future

Courtesy of Courtesy of

What do you do when the age-old duel between the heart and the mind rears its ugly head? One thing that I often find hard to reconcile is the notion that there is a difference between what I think I should do (head), versus what I actually want to do (heart). This is a part of the decision-making process which haunts us each time we face a big life commitment. Take, for instance, when the time come to choose a degree subject or major – do we go with the type of subjects that we perform well in, or do we choose something we think we might enjoy? Fortunately for some, both of these options are one and the same, but others may require a bit more inspiration and convincing.

Another anxiety-inducing aspect of this conflict presents itself in the form of thoughts that kindly shake you free…

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The UNIVERSALITY Project | Coming soon…..



Hello beautiful people. I hope you’re all well.

I’m excited to share with you this project that I have been working on for some time now (but due to fear, I have been holding myself back. NO MORE!) namely, the Universality Project.

The aim of it is to explore the variety of the human experience and journey through mediums such as articles, interviews, short films and more. Taking inspiration from the saying ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’, the idea of it is that through reading and viewing content in the site, people can ‘swap shoes’ with one another and come to an appreciation and acknowledgement of different life experiences and pathways.

To compliment the website, I have created and will be selling these funky T-shirts you see above, along with tote bags (which I will update you all on, soon). So keep your eyes peeled for when they will go on sale within the next month :).

You can find out more here:

…..and here, on youtube:

I would really appreciate you stopping by, and I am grateful for any support and contributions…..

….talking about contributing, I am always on the lookout for artwork, short films, interviews and articles which tell of your life experience/ journey/ your identity/ the work you do for your community and much, much more. If you are interested in contributing, or would like me to interview you, then please email me at, and we’ll go from there. You can also send submissions directly to this address. I would love to hear from you!

I have posted it before, but this is a film to get the project started:

Thank you for reading this, and I look forward to your contributions!



Taiye Selasi on the Louisiana Channel

I first encountered Taiye a couple of years ago on BBCs ‘Newsnight’ (I think), which prompted me to order her then new book, ‘Ghana Must Go’. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to read it, thanks to my sister who intercepted it from me, before I could even unwrap it from the Amazon packaging. However, it seems my chance has been recovered! Having being reminded of it by this video, I will start reading tonight.

Anywho, in the same way that I was inspired by her term ‘Afropolitan’ the first time I saw her (a term to which I relate), I have been inspired once again. Here, she discusses the difficulties she faced during her writing process, her take on the characters in the book, and how she defines herself as a ‘multi-local’ person. I love the way she expresses herself so elegantly and humanly at the same time. A recommended watch :).

Puzzle Pieces

Do you ever find yourself in those moments that feel instrumental to your journey? Moments that feel like a breakthrough?

Well lately, I feel as though I have, and I hope this continues!

Meeting and talking to lots of different people about their lives and paths is really satisfying, among other things. If i have learned anything over the past few weeks, it is the importance of going with the flow, while also paying being in tune with my surroundings. I am learning that life (at the moment) is not one clear, visible line with a predictable destination in sight. This leads me to adopt a relatively unconventional attitude towards my work and my current position: that is, to relax.

Trying to focus on creating mental and physical space to fully think things through and consider my next steps is vital, and it also helps me to tune in to my true motivations.

However when I say relax, I don’t mean that I am slacking. I simply realise the importance of eliminating unnecessary pressure. Especially that which I put on myself.