Creativity in the evenings: the conundrum.

I remember reading somewhere that early mornings and evenings yield the most creativity. To this I can testify. Although I do not witness as many early mornings as I would like to, it seems that as evening comes around, I feel much more inclined to create or research something. It seems that inspiration flows more abundantly when the day has quietened down, and when the daily compulsory tasks such as work or school are not taking over.

I attribute this increased creativity to two main factors. Firstly, because my obligations for that day are taken care of, the evening seems to be the only time in which I can fully relax and use the time to invest in something I truly love to do. Secondly, the fact that it gets dark outside (goes without saying, doesn’t it?) means that I won’t feel as though I am missing out on other things – or at least I won’t be able to see it –  and so I feel less distracted.


…I will inevitably become distracted at some point by Tumblr for a few minutes (read: hours), and then owe that to not knowing where to start with all this free time. For example, I will get home after school or work and realise that I have a few hours left before bed to do as I please. Now, because this time is precious and I don’t want to sacrifice any of it, I will try to sketch out a brief to-do list of all the things I want to do within it. In the process however, I become daunted by the prospect of all this free time on my hands, that I end up not knowing where to begin, and then I procrastinate on doing things that I supposedly enjoy. Exhibit A: for the past six weeks I have had iMovie open on my laptop, yet the film I was supposed to edit has been left untouched. If I am completely honest, I have started to forget about it. At some point I will get around to finishing it, maybe even after I post this. Maybe.

Sigh. There are moments in life when you want something so desperately that once it comes to you, you don’t know what to do with it. Time, my friend, is often one of those things.


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