This Week’s Favourite….

Heyall, how’s it going?

This week I’ve been spending a lot of time at home (despite the beautiful weather in and around London), however, my days have not been wasted! During my hibernation, I have been discovering lots of different products/ books/ films/ videos and more, and so I have been inspired to start a ‘this week’s favourite’ post. As you may have guessed, i’ll be posting a weekly…well…post of a book, film,article, person, product, artist etc which has either inspired me, made me laugh, lifted my mood, or all of those things. I hope you will enjoy my little discoveries as well! Without further ado….

This week’s favourite is ‘Evelyn From The Internets‘ YouTube channel. I have been subscribed to her channel for some time, but her Vlog Everyday In April (VEDA) series is too funny not to share. Honestly, she will brighten your day. In addition to her hilarious stories and videos, she talks natural hair, and also makes vlogs. Once you have your first hit….it might be a challenge to get on with the rest of your day.



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