Take It Easy.

Wassup? I hope you have had a good week, full of lovely moments and stuff you’d hoped for…..
On the topic of desire and wishes, I just thought I’d pop by to express my gratitude for the goings on of my week. Not that it has been particularly outstanding, but it has been somewhat filled with great and small opportunities and enlightenment.

Over the past few days I have traveled to and from London a couple of times, which has given me the luxury of contemplating a taking an hour-long ‘mental wander’ each time without feeling guilty. During said wanders, I have been able to reflect on rather existential things I suppose, like the standard ‘why am I here’ and ‘where will I be in X years’ so on and so forth. Additionally, I’ve also been thinking about pressure: pressure to compete, pressure to fill up every second of my day with something ‘worthwhile’, pressure to stick to a routine…..the list goes on. In doing all of this, it has only resulted in anxiety (what a surprise!). So I had to stop and think about the following:

How often have (I) you been made to feel you are not doing enough? Not necessarily from others, but from (my)yourself?

Do you actually realise the pressure you’re putting on yourself? Are you aware that it’s all in your head?

Once I had answered these questions, prayed, meditated and tried to combat these internal pressures, my head started (and is continuing) to clear. I am now coming to see that what I am currently doing/ working on/ learning is enough. I do not need to push myself beyond what i can physically and mentally – comfortably – accomplish. This is not to say that I shouldn’t challenge myself, but I simply mean that I should not unnecessarily over-extend myself.

So, back to being grateful for opportunities. Once I cleared my mind, I was actually able to witness all kinds of opportunity unfolding before me. What an exhilarating feeling, to know that where I am, what I am doing, is already enough.

Please, take it easy on yourself. Proceed with enjoyment, and compare yourself to only yourself.


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