Puzzle Pieces

Do you ever find yourself in those moments that feel instrumental to your journey? Moments that feel like a breakthrough?

Well lately, I feel as though I have, and I hope this continues!

Meeting and talking to lots of different people about their lives and paths is really satisfying, among other things. If i have learned anything over the past few weeks, it is the importance of going with the flow, while also paying being in tune with my surroundings. I am learning that life (at the moment) is not one clear, visible line with a predictable destination in sight. This leads me to adopt a relatively unconventional attitude towards my work and my current position: that is, to relax.

Trying to focus on creating mental and physical space to fully think things through and consider my next steps is vital, and it also helps me to tune in to my true motivations.

However when I say relax, I don’t mean that I am slacking. I simply realise the importance of eliminating unnecessary pressure. Especially that which I put on myself.


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