Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined

Much of the charm of a building lies in the way that it makes you feel; the different spaces in which we find ourselves evoke different reactions within us that go unnoticed or which we do not attribute to the space around us. However, our relationship with buildings is a symbiotic one in which materials and bodies constantly interact with and transform one another.

This notion lies at the heart of the current ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’ exhibition, at the RA in London until April 6th. It explores the importance of the spaces around us: how natural elements such as light, wind, and sight engage our senses and emotions, how buildings affect our thoughts, and engage all parts of us both internally and externally. Body and soul.


Right from the start of the exhibition (independent of the direction in which you choose to begin) I felt compelled to interact with the space around me. I immediately felt self-conscious in amongst the structure, materials, colours, heights, and even sounds of each section. Each space seemed so radically different from the last, and completely unexpected.

Each room was modelled to different degrees upon the architectural styles of each designer, all 6 of which hail from different parts of the world including Japan, Burkina Faso and Ireland. Each had a different sensory appeal and inspirations.


(Unfortunately, my camera decided to delete a few pictures, but was kind enough to let some remain.)


I wish that a space such as this exhibition would be permanently available to the general  public – I enjoyed the whimsical and playful nature of the straw tunnel, especially the way  in which it encouraged people to interact with and build it – to leave their mark.

Overall, the exhibition was shorter than I expected, but I left feeling inspired and pensive.  The everyday, mundane aspects of each day that we take for granted, such as buildings  and the spaces which we inhabit, affect in ways greater than we realise. If only we took  the time to observe the architectural detail and beauty around us, and be inspired by it….

I hope you enjoyed the short video I made just for you 🙂


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