Get Creative

Whenever I spend long periods of time away from the routinised flow of uni life, I feel as though I uncover new things about myself. Most recently, I became conscious of the fact that anytime I do something creative, in any capacity, I feel a complete buzz and excitement. I’ve mentioned this before, but the increasing importance that writing holds for me is something that I try to cherish and nurture everyday. The ability for us to creatively express ourselves is infinitely available, it is simply up to us to tap into it. Whatever you produce does not need to be measured or judged, but it just has to be a manifestation of what you’re feeling or who you are, and unashamedly so.

I truly believe in the innate nature of creativity within each person: we are continuously being creative, even in circumstances which we would not conventionally define as such. It’s just that it takes on a different significance for some. I guess what i’m getting at here, is the importance of finding or realising that creativity should not be automatically relegated to artists professional creatives, whose work can oftentimes be constrained if it is dependent on a market. Rather, you must see that we all nurture a degree of creative ‘talent’, which, if tapped into, can release us into a dimension of inner freedom, fulfillment and exploration.


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