Show yourself some love!

The notion of loving oneself may sound bizarre and ego-centric, but I assure you it’s not! In fact, I believe it is a necessary undertaking for anyone who wishes to understand themselves – and others – better. Fully learning to accept yourself (for it does take time) is a antidote to low self-esteem, intolerance towards others and negative relationships. Plus, it provides a great deal of fulfilment and enjoyment.

So, without further ado, here are some of the ways through which I show myself some love. Enjoy….

Despite always enjoying the medium of writing, I only really discovered its therapeutic nature about 2 years ago, when I embarked on my ‘documentation’ journey. Long story short, I decided that it would be a good idea to tend to my diary at least 3 times a week, in order for me to clear my thoughts and also immortalize both the mundane and stand-out daily life experiences. What I’ve come to realise is how comparatively easy it is for me to express myself through writing, than through any other medium. I’m not sure whether this is to do with the fact that no-one else (for the moment) will or has (to my knowledge!) read my diary, allowing me to write in a completely unfiltered, honest and open manner, but it works! I am able to fully evaluate my feelings, work out where they have stemmed from, and try to, effectively, write my way to a solution. It has also helped me to chart my growth over the past month, which has been so invaluable to me. I can’t wait to see what future notebooks will hold.


Side note: There’s something about a sexy, narrow-ruled leather-bound notebook that makes me spend unjustifiable amounts of money, obliging me to fill them and get my money’s worth. But honestly, a good looking notebook just does things to me.

This is something I became conscious of very recently. The importance of finding a space or place in which I feel comfortable or ‘at home’ is something I cannot stress enough. For me, that place is home, as in HOME home, not the one I stay in while I am at uni. Just to be surrounded by my family and nestled in a familiar environment is something that I look forward to. It gives me an opportunity to balance out a hectic week, and take some time out to relax and think! And also breathe. That’s important, too :).

Okay, so this might be considered slightly cliché, nevertheless, I actually enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. Admittedly, I don’t always love what I see, but then there are also those days when I appreciate my reflection. Try it and see, place yourself in front of a mirror and stare at any part of your body: I like to start with the face and then whole, nekked-ass, body. What this does, is it allows you to confront yourself, and view yourself from YOUR perspective (for this excercise to be more effective, I recommend doing this in private – it is also less awkward….). One of the many reasons why we come to feel discontented with ourselves is that we internalise and validate other people’s opinions about us over our own, to the extent that we often start to believe them, and to negative and dangerous consequences. A way to tackle this is to learn yourself: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and PHYSICALLY. Of course, this is a process, but you’ve got to start somewhere, sometime. Personally, over time, I have come to accept appreciate my whole self even if, inevitably, I do have moments in which I can feel inadequate.

….and that constitutes part one! Part two coming up :).


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